Refund & Cancellation Policy | Innovation Platform Solutions
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Refund/Cancellation Policy


What are the terms of return of products?

Return process requirements:

Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc.)

Return reason must be in accordance with the terms of acceptance of returns.

Please contact our customer service within 24 hours if you receive a damaged / incomplete product during the shipping process. In this case all products are returned. If all products are not returned, the return operation will be rejected.

We will check the product to be returned. If no damage is found to result from misuse. The product value will be refunded in the manner that is appropriate for you. A response will be made within 3-5 days of receipt by the appropriate team of the returned product.

If during the inspection process the product to be returned is free of the reason stated in your order, the value will not be refunded and the product will be returned to you and the customer will carry the value of the shipment either on return or upon inspection if no defects are found.


How to return a product?

You can communicate with Innovation Platform Solutions through email:

Or through phone No.: +971-4-874-2718

When can the products be returned to IPS?

You can return the products to IPS within 14 days of delivery, provided they meet the conditions of return, then refund / Credit note process can be started.

After 14 days, we will not be able to accept returns.

How can the customer proceed with the order return status?

You can track the status of the order return using the follow-up number you get from the IPS Team.